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Water Colour Hong Kong Canvas Print Wall Art ($25.00 off)

Water Coloured Hong Kong one of the amazing and the biggest city in the world. I love this art work by Ashleyc1095. Just look at the colours Where it will look good This wall art will look great on a brick wall or pattern like brick wall. It does not matter the colour of the… Continue reading Water Colour Hong Kong Canvas Print Wall Art ($25.00 off)

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How to create a little more space in your Home

We all want a little more room in our home. Especially us who have a large family. Need that little more extra space for family times or just to move around. I researched and found these great hacks to get you that little more space. Credit  to  Christina Lan from BuzzFeed for giving me some awesome ideas.… Continue reading How to create a little more space in your Home

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Flower Handmade Oil Painting

Flower Handmade Oil Painting Modern Wall Art Living Room Decor 60 X 80 CM Framed Art is all about emotions and feelings. What do you feel when you look at this piece of art. This painting is Handmade on high quality canvas. You can get it Unframed or Framed. Art work is made to order… Continue reading Flower Handmade Oil Painting


How to live fully every day

To live fully every day we need to be stress free, happy  and focused. But it  not easy. Not all of us wake up in the morning feeling great or happy. For us to starts this way it is a conscious effort and lots of self-positive. We all know that our thoughts, our feelings shape our… Continue reading How to live fully every day

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Pink Tree Canvas Print Wall Art

Pink Tree Four Panel Canvas Print  Modern Wall Art Framed and Unframed  For Living room Our mind is full of images and memories. It so powerful just by looking at an image it transports us to another land. It helps us relax and escape. That’s why we have brought to you this Pink tree four… Continue reading Pink Tree Canvas Print Wall Art

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Entry Way- Perfection is parked at the door

Want to create modern yet casual yet stylish entry way with an impact In today modern décor language that translate to  a broken shutter leaning haphazardly against a wall or battered steamer trunk or textiles with frayed edges. Here is what I found as an example in Better Homes and Garden magazine and here who you… Continue reading Entry Way- Perfection is parked at the door

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How to- Natural Tone Bedroom

So the bed- designed to keep out the cold, sleep soundly ensconced with in a souk- style canopy draped around a bed abundant with opulent quilts and cushions. Psst… emulate the rural cottage feel with a stacked stone feature wall or use a weathered stone-effect wallpaper.                                                  -Better Homes and Gardens   A bohemian bed is… Continue reading How to- Natural Tone Bedroom

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Moodily Plush Shades

Let yourself be deduced by moodily plush shades and today’s upscaled flower prints with their magnified appeal Freshly picked Build a scheme around black and blue berry shades and you’ll sleep wrapped in their embrace. A button-back bedhead, tweed and plaid woollens add an extra layer of indulgence, while flowers nod to the colour scheme.t… Continue reading Moodily Plush Shades

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DIY Cottage Look Tips

It does not matter if you have a stone cottages or not. You can create the feel and the look easily.  You can emulated with the wealth of salvaged materials available locally, not to mention folkloric or Moroccan-style rugs, textiles and accessories. -Better homer and garden magazine