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Moodily Plush Shades

Let yourself be deduced by moodily plush shades and today’s upscaled flower prints with their magnified appeal

Freshly picked

Build a scheme around black and blue berry shades and you’ll sleep wrapped in their embrace. A button-back bedhead, tweed and plaid woollens add an extra layer of indulgence, while flowers nod to the colour scheme.t then install a fire and bask in its glow.

Moodily Plush shades-Freshly picked.jpgEnjoy a winter- “Flomance”

It’s time for a floral makeover- with a flamboyant and colourful floral print. If your walls are sombre, stick with a similarly dark background for the design. Best to limit it to curtains and wallpaper. One or the other, not both.

P.S. – there’s no place for weak-at the knees creamy neutrals in such a scheme.

Moodily Plush Shades-Enjoy a winter- “Flomance”.jpg

Wonder wall

You know that pine table you’ve had for ages????? Time to paint it, and your walls, an all-enveloping dark, dark chocolate- So Yummy!!! Only then, without distractions, can you be sure this dramatic and oversized lilac wall mural will receive the attention. It so richly deserves.


Office Duties

Be bold your choices but circumspect also and everyone will sit up and take notice. This wallpaper is ket to a single wall while the others are painted to match its background colour.

“Put the happy into moody rooms with extravagantly big and bold blooms”


Moody art work’s Canvas or Paper Printed Framed

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-Better homes and gardens magazine

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