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How to create a little more space in your Home

We all want a little more room in our home. Especially us who have a large family. Need that little more extra space for family times or just to move around. I researched and found these great hacks to get you that little more space.

Credit  to  Christina Lan from BuzzFeed for giving me some awesome ideas.

Back of your door– Do not let that back of your door space be wasted use it to hang items like towels, hand bag, keys or every day robs.

Keys hanging on wooden wallImage from Adobe stock

Divider:-  is a great way to create separate spaces in the same room. Below is a great example.

5184d89ac78336fc7fe714da77dd79edImage is from google image.

Fold always– Have fold way furniture in your home. It will give you more space. They can be easily tuck away when not needed.

Three panel art workImage is from Adobe stock

Art work from Nuur Designs- Buy Now

Kitchen hooks:- Hooks can be a wonderful way to hang some pots and pans to clear some counter and cupboard space. You can also hang some herbs to remind your self to add them to your dishes.

Old, vintage kitchenware against brick  wallImage from adobe stock

Industrial pipe storage system for a more modern look:- add some industrial look to save space and touch of decor.

PipesAmy Sefton / Buzzfeed

Mounted shoe rack:-  use the wall to store your shoes. They look great there and also give you the ability to see what you have at a glace to match your outfit.

Shoe storageRoeshel at DIYShowOff / Via

Hidden drying rack:- use it when you need it. Its  very useful to air your clothes especially if you wear the item few time before washing. It is also very handy in the raining season; gives to the ability to dry your clothes out of the rain.

Rack ClothingInspiration For Moms / Via

Hanging table:- Great idea to add some natural touch to your room and clear some floor pace.

Wall hanging

Mounted Container:- Mount a power strip container underneath your desk to eliminate floor clutter.

Mirror:- Make a mirror that can also hold keys or accessories.

Wall Self  Buzzfeed

Wall Self:- Just get a mounted wall self to add more storage to your room.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Image from adobe stock

Under furniture storage

AdobeStock_85810331_WMImage from adobe stock

Storage Boxes:- A touch of modern decor and storage solution.

AdobeStock_57318062_WMImage from adobe stock

Walking Hanger:- Use it and tuck away

Blue eyeshow explosionImage from adobe stock

Art work from Nuur Designs- Buy Now

There few of my storage solution to create more living space. Please do let me know what you found useful and if you have any solution of your own. Don’t forget you share your pics and tricks.

Art Lover,

Nuur Designs


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