How to live fully every day

To live fully every day we need to be stress free, happy  and focused. But it  not easy. Not all of us wake up in the morning feeling great or happy. For us to starts this way it is a conscious effort and lots of self-positive. We all know that our thoughts, our feelings shape our reality. Here are few things I do to keep myself positive.

Gratitude: – It is very important to wake up in the morning and be thankful/grateful for it. For getting one more moment to live. We never know when it’s going to be our last. So if you can’t find anything else to be grateful for then be grateful for the one more moment to live, to breadth, to be free, to be safe, to be able to read this post. Because i know if you are reading this then you want a positive happy life.

Be Grateful for the coffee in you hand

Surrounding: –  when we find it very hard to be happy from inside we need to drive it from our surrounding. Have something in your room, in your home some item that you look at and it makes you smile, it makes you feel calm, some thing that makes you think of a new day new begging. For me its painting of a rising sun.

Sunset view colorful one panel wall art.jpg

Art work- Nuur Designs Buy Now

Love: – remember when you were little, got hurt and that hug from some one who loved you  dulled the pain. Well it still runs true. Smile and hug your loved one. Tell them what they mean to you. And they will tell you what you mean to them. Isn’t a great feeling!!

Feel the love.jpg

Nature: – Nature is the greatest remedy for any kind of healing. I heard from someone that god created everything around us to serve mankind. Go out take a walk go in your back yard in the morning and just walk. Walk on the grass without any shoes on let your feet touch the morning grass and live in that moment. It’s the best feeling in the world walking on that grass, hearing the birds cheeping and feeling the wind in your face.

CM_Nature Vol 1_17.jpg

An Images can speak you in such a way that even the greatest of speakers cannot. A single image can speak louder and more positivity than an entire library full words. We are very visual creatures. A large percentage of the human brain dedicates itself largely influence our thoughts, emotions and feelings. Therefore, by surrounding yourself with positive images. So your brain can send/ spreading those positive feelings throughout your body. This in return will have a flow on effect and you will feel energised and motivated to take on the world. In other words, the paintings are a powerful tool in creating a platform of positivity which acts as an infinite source of energy.

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