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Water Colour Hong Kong Canvas Print Wall Art ($25.00 off)

Water Coloured Hong Kong one of the amazing and the biggest city in the world. I love this art work by Ashleyc1095. Just look at the colours

Where it will look good

This wall art will look great on a brick wall or pattern like brick wall. It does not matter the colour of the wall. This wall art is designed for a modern, rustic or industrial theme interior. The art work has a lot of white corners in it and Hong Kong in the middle of the art work to draw your attention straight to it.

How can you use it

You have many options with a canvas print. Since the art work is printed on canvas. It is strong and not easy ripped unlike if it was printed on paper. So you can get it stretched (or buy it framed) where the frame will be at the back of the art work giving it a floating  like look.  You can also get unframed canvas prints. which you can hang like tapestry or frame then your self in a glass frame. There are many ways you can use a Canvas print art work.  It is also less expensive then a hand painted art work.

Hong Kong Canvas Print Wall Art

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More Options Via E-bay 

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Images displayed “in situ” are not to scale and are for illustrative purposes only.

Special Price ($25.00 OFF)

Via Paypal- only for 100 x 120 Centimetre  one  panels framed $225.00 AUD + Free Shipping.

Buy Now- Via Pay Pal

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Buy via EBAY (more sizes available)

Framed and Unframed ( All framed Canvas prints are made to order and ready to hang)


40 x 60 Centimeter one panel 

70 x 90 Centimeter one panel 

100 x 120 Centimeter one panel 

Custom size:- Send me a message and i will quote you a price. Professionally printed and stretched on canvas. paper print are also available just email me. (nuurdesigns@gmail.com)

Whats in the package :-

One panel Canvas wall art Framed or Unframed.

Unframed :- Additional 4 CM canvas is on each side of unframed painting to allow framing to be done without damaging the art.

Care Instructions:- To ensure longevity of your wall art we recommend avoiding exposure to direct sunlight for extended periods of time in order to maintain print colour. Dust with a dry cloth.


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