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Gray And Rustic

Rustic styling

There’s been a move to rustic styling with influences drown from rural country and further a field, adding a road well-travelled feel. At the core of this look are materials natural, aged and weathered- stone, wood cotton, linen, wood and fur.


Perfection is parked at the door

you’re just as likely to come across a broken shutter leaning haphazardly against a wall as your area battered steamer trunk or textiles with frayed edges.


Stone cottages or not

this is a look easily emulated with the wealth of salvaged materials available locally, not to mention folkloric or Moroccan-style rugs, textiles and accessories.



So the bed

designed to keep out the cold, sleep soundly ensconced with in a souk- style canopy draped around a bed abundant with opulent quilts and cushions. Psst… emulate the rural cottage feel with a stacked stone feature wall or use a weathered stone-effect wallpaper.



Colour Pallet 

decoratior-tips-colour-palletThis post is based on issue of home and graders magazine

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