About Us

What is Nuur Designs about?

Nuur Designs is about creating a home to which you can escape to. At Nuur Designs we strive to provide you with information, inspiration and Art works that will allow you to create a worm, relaxing and peaceful place.

Nuur Designs is an online platform where every individual has access to modern home décor product, tips and inspiration. So anyone can create a space in which they can escape from the everyday struggles of life and into a beautiful world of your personal taste.

How Nuur Designs Started

Nuur Designs a home you can escape too began when I saw a need of personal space and time. I saw that people I knew and talk to get emotionally, physically and mentally tired and needed their space and time. However due to responsibilities and commitments they could not always go on holidays to relax themselves. But they needed that relaxation, space and time to themselves. Therefore, I began on a journey to provide people with tools, resources and products that will allow them to create that retreat for themselves. A private space in which they can escape to and protected from the struggles of life even if it be for a few moments.

I knew from my personal experience that images play a very big role in creating an atmosphere and tricking the mind into believing that they are in a different place and time. Therefore, wall art become my main focus. As a result of all this Nuur Designs was born.

Why Art Works ?

Art is original and pure especially  Handmade paintings. Art is all feeling and emotions. seeing things in a piece of canvas that on one else can. It a journey a viewer can only take alone. Art is all about create an atmosphere, a means on escape and a means of relaxation. that’s what i want for my clients and myself.

The beauty of art not only lays in the art itself but also in the skill of the artist. It reminds you of a time, a place and a hand that touched this canvas poured his/her feeling on to this art work. Which at this moment the owner of the painting is touch and feeling. Art is all about that personal connection, a moment of peace and tranquillity in a busy life. Aperication of beauty.