Our values

Honesty, Reliability, Trust and Respect are at the core of my being and therefor it is at the core of my business. It does not matter whom I am dealing with whether it be our customers, employees, business partner or my family and friends. I believe every relationship is based on that. Without it nothing can function.

As a customer what does it mean for you.

Honesty: – we believe that an honest business goes a long way in contributing to an honest world. We ensure this by keeping our prices in line with our costs so that our customers are treated like our own family. All our advertisements honestly reflect our business practices and every attempt is made to accurately portray our business.

Reliability: – our business prides itself in meeting the demands of our clients and partners. Every individual order is treated with professionalism and care. We take every step to ensure our stock is up-to-date and client demand can be honoured in a reliable manner.

Respect: – we respect each individuals time and money. You have taken your time to look through our products and placed and order. Therefore, we will be clear in what you are paying for and when you will be getting it.