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Interior decoration trends – 2017

Go Green

Ya!!! That’s right green is in this year. Add touches of green throughout your home and you will be right on trend. Few ways to do is- paint a feature wall green in your sun-room. It will look magnificent. Throw in a green run in your living room or if you want small touches of green throughout your house then get some indoor plants.

Go green-Interior decoration- 2017 trends.jpg

Tropical prints

They are not going any ware from clothing to your couch it’s here to stay. So, dress up your couch with good throw pillows or get a tropical art for your living room.

AdobeStock_112675019_WM.jpeg                                                                                                                            Nuur Designs- art work

Mix it up- texture

I love it!!!!. I always loved a mixture of textures in my home and this year is all about it. So, just go for it. Drape your leather arm chair with a wool through blanket or get some furry throw blanket for your wooden chairs. Have some brass against grass cloth wallpaper. Choice is yours.


Marble and brass for your kitchen and bathroom

This trend will hit the market. We have been seeing this rising through the block series and now it’s here to stay. So if you are thinking of renovating your kitchen or bathroom go marble and brass and you won’t miss it.

Marbule-Interior decoration- 2017 trends.jpg

Brass-Interior decoration- 2017 trends.jpg

Go Dark, Blond is out

Well that’s what the designers saying this year. Dark tones and colours will be in this year. Gray was prominent in 2016 its still going to be in. you will see different tones of gray!!!. If you want to implement this in your home, go for dark timber flooring or is dark tones are too much for you. Neutrals/Muted colours are also in like Whites, beiges, pale grays, camel, and blush pink.

Dark colours trend rising 2017.jpg


                          Magnu Scramer Eye shadow Explosion Art Work

Unique furniture

People will be looking for something different as well as what will last a long time. So if you got something old with charterer this year will be the best time to turn it into a piece of quirky crafted furniture.

Furniture-Interior decoration- 2017 trends.jpg



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